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We design and Develop amazing software system for both individuals, co-operations as well a market based system at affordable price.

With our focus on improving various social and corporate environments for an improved welfare, we have until now designed and launched few products as briefly presented below: -

Digital School – A web-based software for managing schools

More than 90% of both public and private schools in Tanzania and conventionally managed with too much paper work and lack an integrated approach that can bring together teachers, students and parents. This leads to a lost track of students’ progress by their parents/guardians and even making the record keeping more difficult. Watabe Digital did not feel happy about the nature of such management, hence came up with this product that sales to any education institution. This system helps with the entire school management and automates every process hence easing the administration tasks thus allowing more time for core education processes.

Digital Hospital - A web-based software for managing hospitals

Personal Health information is one of the most confidential information and require great care and attention to deal with. In most of our hospitals data handling, patient medical history, hospital inventory, and many more is inevitable due to the fact that patient information are not properly handled on a single saver and most of hospitals use paper (files) in keeping records. Watabe Digital has undertaken immense research to come up with the system that eases management and improves service delivery. Our system is expected to enhance automation of health management tasks from the point a patient reaches the reception up until exit and will facilitate an ease information management for future uses.

We Book Hotels - A web-based software for managing hotel booking

We are in the heart of the Tanzanian southern zone, a touristic centre, coupled with tourism and hospitality needs. Watabe Digital intends to provide best in class booking facilities with which tourists and other stakeholders can use to handle bookings in this regard.

We serve - A web-based software for managing micro credit organization (mainly VICOBA)

In the course to fight poverty, Watabe Digital released that women and girls are more served by micro credits and small saving groups where they acquire relatively small credits to finance their economic activities. To enhance financial inclusion and promote their financial freedom, Watabe Digital has designed a system that can see these groups and micro-credits managed effectively with real time information to better serve these precious social groups.

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